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Social Marketing

Marketing has developed from being associated with traditional consumer goods such as chocolate, washing powder and the like. Marketing in the business to business sector is critical. According to if you are a big name brand, say Cadbury’s for example. Of course there are the end consumers who enjoy chocolate. I am one of them. If I stopped buying it today doubt Cadbury’s would notice. They are concerned with the customers ie the key accounts such as the big superstores.

From here marketing is now touching every type of business. Sport, travel, music etc are all busy trying to market their products and services.

The world of social marketing is a key growth area for marketers. Charities and not for profit organisations are fast becoming marketing orientated. The Alzheimer’s Society has just launched a campaign. According to homework help answers service it features celebrities to attempt to raise the profile. The way an organisation like this operates is to really understand all of those people who are touched by this illness.

Of course the patient, the family and then the carers. The health service and doctors as providers of care are a key ‘customer’ of the Society. From there the Society will attract funding not only from donations but also from grants for research. This sheds a different light to stress the business angle to ensure that the Society attracts funding. The market for money is very competitive. Then according to studydaddy there are the volunteers who are another key stakeholder and key to the support it offers.

The challenge is to build the brand of the Society so that it delivers to the patient but also to society as a whole. It should aim to remove the stigma and improve understanding of the illness. That is social marketing at work. Of course it will develop the aims of revenue, growth etc.

The difference here for social marketing and an example of marketing practice is to bring the Society to the forefront and to be a leader in research into the illness.

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